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WebinarJam offers unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees, with features geared toward online marketers. It also allows you to create pay-per-attend webinars, with solid social media and email marketing integration.


The price is set yearly, and this is the only option available. There is no free-trial option available, although you are given a 30-day no-question-asked refund guarantee upon registering to the service.


WebinarJam offers features that are best suited for marketers, product sellers, and businesses that want to attract more customers their way. The platform provides the full features that any marketer will need to present their product and sell it through their webinars, with no complicated pricing option to choose.

Detailed Review

WebinarJam is a webinar platform created by Marketing Genesis, a company that focuses on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their online marketing performance. Marketing Genesis is located in La Jolia, California, USA. The company gives 24 hours full support for the users of WebinarJam platform. The focus of the company is to create a webinar platform that is easy to use and provides lots of benefits for business users, including easy sales, collaboration, engagement, and professionalism.

Unlimited Attendees and Multiple Presenters

WebinarJam offers a webinar platform that allows you to host unlimited webinars, with unlimited attendees and multiple presenters at no additional cost. When you compare it with other business-type webinar services, you will find that the price will soar as you add more participants, moderators, hosts, and presenters to your webinar or web conference. With WebinarJam, you need to pay only once to enjoy unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees and multiple presenters. This is one thing that should become your reason to use this service. As many other services need to charge you more for more participants, this service charges a flat fee for unlimited participants, which means that you can save lots of money by using this platform, while maximizing your return of investment.

Schedule Webinars and Remind Attendees via Text Messages

You can schedule your own webinars and allow your audience to sign up for it via your website or via the link within the WebinarJam domain. The registration process is easy for your audience, and they can use any email address that they have if they want to join your webinar later. Also, when the time is approaching for you to start the webinar session, you can schedule reminders to be sent to your attendees via text messages and emails. This can help to improve the show up rate of your webinars. The text messages might also contain links to your webinar page as well as the instructions on how to participate on the webinar. This is a very handy feature, since people can easily read you text messages, and get redirected to the webinar page by clicking on the link. Then, they can register or log into the webinar platform even from their mobile device.

Full Integration with Social Media and Email Marketing Platforms

Each of your webinars is fully integrated with popular social media platforms, which means that your attendees can easily share your webinar link via their social media accounts. Not only that, it is also fully integrated with all available email marketing platforms, which means that those who sign up for your webinar will automatically become your email subscribers. It means easy follow-up marketing for you, and it can be an effective list builder tool for your business as well. With these features available, you don’t need to worry about failing to reach your webinar audience, as you can always send the webinar link to their social media account or email address. Also, with this platform, you can easily add more followers to your social media pages, as well as add more subscribers to your mailing list. Once the webinar is done, you can still send promotional emails to your mailing list, or promote your products via your social media pages.

Sell Your Webinars

WebinarJam is also fully integrated with various leading payment gateways that allow you to charge money for each webinar that you create. You can also sell your products within your webinar presentation with the same payment integration feature. It means that it can easily boost your sales in your online marketing presentation as well as add more revenue stream for your business. When you compare it with other webinar services, they will often not allow you to host a paid webinar session. So, with this feature, you can either create a free webinar or paid webinar, depending on your preferences. If you create the free webinar, anyone can sign up to the webinar and participate to your webinar session for free. But, if you create a paid webinar, people need to pay for the sign up process, and they are automatically redirected to the payment gateway to pay their webinar fee. After that, they can log into the webinar session normally.

Interactive Question and Answer Tool

With WebinarJam, your attendees can post their questions live, and you can answer their questions live as well. The platform provides a real-time chat conversation tool that allows you to answer each question of your attendees on the spot, meaning that they don't need to wait for days just to get your answers. You can either reply to your attendees privately or publicly. With this feature, you can allow your participants to chat with you from within the platform and during the webinar session, via a live conversation. You can see the stream of comments or questions typed by your participants, and you can choose to answer their questions on the spot, or answer it later. It’s just a robust live conversation tool that you can use as a way to interact more with your audience, so that you can engage with them during the webinar session. This has been proven to be effective to increase your audience’s interest toward the webinar.

Complete Tracker for Each Webinar

WebinarJam provides a complete tracker for each webinar session that you have created, with various useful metrics that you can use to gauge the success of your webinars. The metrics includes each attendee information, traffic analysis, sales conversion, sign up rate, show up rate, live attendees, replay attendees, unique visitors, the number of registrations, gross revenue, and so on. This feature allows you to look at each webinar thoroughly and give you the big picture about your webinar performance. You can think about it as a way to measure your webinar performance, or to know whether your efforts have paid off. The more you know about your webinar performance, the more you can make your next webinar even better than before. The metrics is very easy to understand, and it is presented in a visually appealing way.

Collaborate With Other Webinar Presenters

There is a really good feature that is offered by WebinarJam to enhance the user experience in the webinar session. With this platform, you can easily collaborate in your webinar and include other webinar presenters in your presentation. In this way, there is no more boring webinar session where there is only one presenter giving you lecture for hours. You can put up to 6 presenters in one screen during your presentation session, and each presenter has the exact same space on the screen. Unlike other webinar software that can only allow you to include more presenters in thumbnail size, this software goes way beyond that, providing the best viewing experience for the participants, since they can see each presenter clearly. Not only that, when you need to put one particular presenter in the spotlight, you can zoom the presenter on the screen, so that the particular presenter can fill the screen for a while.

High Quality Audio And Video For The Best Viewing Session

The audio and video quality provided by this software is top-notch, and it is gorgeous to see. You can see the full presentation in the HD crystal clear picture and sound, making each webinar looks stunning and wonderful. It gives the best viewing session for the audience since they no longer see any blurry videos in the webinar. The default HD-viewing experience can always be improved by tinkering with the layout options included in the platform. With the layout options, you can easily change the viewing angles and take control of the entire screen. With the crystal clear audio, your audience can hear the presentation with the clear sound, making it easier for the audience to concentrate on the message that you deliver in your presentation session.

Choose Where To Stream Your Webinar

The WebinarJam platform gives you lots of flexibility in regard to the places that you can choose to stream your webinar. Of course, the first place is the WebinarJam website itself, which you can use to host and stream your web presentation. But, you can also stream or broadcast your presentation in other platforms as well, such as YouTube Live Stream, Facebook Live, and so on. You just need to specify it in the settings, and your web presentation can be streamed from the platform of your choice. The experience for the users is identical whether you stream it using the WebinarJam platform or other platforms. The picture and sound quality is still top-notch wherever you decide to stream your presentation. This flexibility is important since not all audience wants to watch your presentation using the native WebinarJam platform.

Express Webinar For Breaking News And Other Important Announcements

If you need to conduct a web presentation urgently, such as in the next 10 minutes or 30 minutes, you can inform your audience about it and start the webinar immediately with the express webinar feature. Literally, you only need 6 clicks to start your webinar in 30 seconds. Then, you can share your urgent news and other important announcements to your audience. Moreover, there is a feature called smart preferences, which ensures that your webinar session is set according to your needs and requirements. So, even though it might seem rushed, you can always provide the professional webinar session according to your audience’s expectations.

Use The WebinarJam App On All Platforms

No matter what operating system that you use, this software is available for your platform. The desktop version of the software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Most other similar software usually only provide the desktop version for Windows and Mac, leaving Linux users entirely. But, this webinar platform is different, as it tries to spread the compatibility to all big desktop operating systems. The mobile version of the software is available for Android and iOS. With the mobile version of the software, your audience can watch the webinar session on the go, without having to open their desktop computers or laptops. Lastly, the web version is available for all browsers, which means that no matter what OS that you use, you can use the web version of this presentation software.

Show Any File In Your Webinar Session

Sometimes, during your presentation, you might need to show your participants some files that might help them understand more about the topic. For instance, you might need to show them some documents, graphs, pictures, videos, and so on. With this platform, it is possible for you to show any file in your webinar session without any problem. You just need to attach the file during your presentation, and click the file to be shown on screen. It supports a wide range of file types, which means that you can show almost all types of digital files in your presentation, making it easier for you to make a point. You can even show some interactive file types, like surveys and polls during the presentation.

Professional Presentation Tools

WebinarJam comes with a huge range of professional presentation tools that you can use to enhance your web presentation and create a professional look for it. With this feature, you can also import the entire PowerPoint presentation into your webinar, and then present it to the audience. Best of all, it can be presented in full high definition quality, which makes it even more interesting for the audience to follow your presentation. The presentation has a clear readability, and the audience can easily view it clearly on screen. There are also features like slide animations and lots of customization that you can use for your webinar presentation.

Surveys And Polls

With this web presentation platform, you can also create surveys and polls on the go to interact with your audience in real time. During your presentation, you can ask the users to participate in the surveys or polls related to the topic that is being discussed in order to know what they think. It’s very simple to create the surveys and polls that you want to show to your audience. The settings for it is already included in the dashboard, and you just need to type a few words and then click a few times to make it visible to the users. Then, once the polls or surveys are ready, the participants can start submitting their votes, and you can also show them the vote results immediately. It’s very useful to get the feedback from your audience, as well as to understand more about what they want.


If you are looking for a complete webinar platform that is designed to boost your sales and improve your online marketing result, WebinarJam is a good platform for you to choose. With yearly pricing plan, unlimited attendees, unlimited webinars, and the complete set of marketing features, you will be able to supercharge your online marketing presentation without having to spend too much money on a webinar service. However, since this platform mainly targets online marketers, it might not be suitable for enterprise-level businesses. The biggest benefit when you use this tool is that it can boost your online marketing efforts significantly, giving you more conversions along the way. Also, even if you are not an online marketer, this web presentation software can always be handy for you to use, since it can provide you with all the tools that you need to create professional-looking web presentations.

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Official Website $297/yr
User Reviews

WebinarJam = Awesome

WebinarJam By Jon Newman on August 18th

Personally, i tried a couple of webinar products both as a host as well as a user.

WebinarJam is a bit tedious to learn but once you get a grip, a fantastic product with many many features you won't find elsewhere. Basically, the product is built for WEBINARs unlike other products offered by other companies (such as Clickmeeting) which tried to create a product with one size fit all formulae.

WebinarJam is ideally built for marketers with many features for up selling, cross-selling, list management, user management and overall user acquisition automation. So I'd highly recommend it to someone whose sole goal is to sell or engage users something.

Very happy with the product...

P.S. I used it for nearly 6 months now.

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Long time user. Will never disappoint you!

WebinarJam By Dave H on August 14th

Using WebinarJam since more than a year now. WebinarJam has all the features a standard webinar software must have. When i wanted to sign up, i was a bit hesitant to pay full year's fee in advance but reviews on the internet were almost good (no negatives or bad billing practices etc..) so I went ahead and boy that was the best decision. It really has all the features an internet marketer must have.

They regularly updated UI (sometimes you may need time to learn new features) but it is alright for me. Some of the features you'll definitely like includes their drag-and-drop builders, plenty of email integrations, campaign management, followup features and in general intuitive dashboard itself.

Overall a well-planned product and used by many of my friends as well. Highly recommend it.

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