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Ginger provides a powerful grammar-checking tool for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, browsers, Android, and iOS platforms. Ginger is available to use for free, with certain limitations.


The free version of Ginger can only be used to analyze a limited number of words per check, not the whole text. It doesn’t include the plagiarism checker tool, which might be useful for people who use the software for online publications.


Ginger is a simple and complete grammar checker tool that helps you to fix the mistakes in your writing instantly, with maximum accuracy that is better than the regular MS Word proofreader. While the basic service is provided for free, upgrades are available to allow you to unlock the full features of the software: Basic and Premium plans.

Detailed Review

Ginger is a grammar-checking tool provided by Ginger Software, a company based in Israel founded in 2007. Ginger enables you to combine the correct grammar with NLP, which allows the best combination for your writing. The mission for the company is to help eliminate the language barriers among the users so that they can communicate with others more effectively.

Accurate Grammar-Checking Tool

Ginger provides an accurate grammar-checking tool that helps you to fix the mistakes on your text so that it becomes easy to read. The software analyzes your punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors and provides instant suggestions to correct the mistakes in your writing. The Sentence Rephraser tool gives various recommendations for your sentences, so that you can see many variations to use in your sentences. This way, you can improve your writing style and communicate your message more clearly to your audience.

Dictionary and Translation Tool

The software has a built-in dictionary and translation tool, which helps you to find the meaning of the words in your text, as well as translates it into different languages. The Dictionary feature enables you to provide instant definitions for each of your words, so that you can understand more about your writing. It also provides contextual synonym for your words, which gives you a different way to write your sentences by using different words in your vocabulary. The Translator feature enables you to translate your text in various other languages, with the total of 40 languages supported by Ginger.

Text Reader and Personal Trainer

There are two interesting features provided by Ginger: Text Reader and Personal Trainer. The Text Reader feature allows you to listen to your text using the built-in read-out-loud software within Ginger, to enable you to proofread the text for yourself. It helps to give you a fresh perspective regarding the text that you have written. Personal Trainer allows you to learn from your mistakes to help prevent the same mistakes in the future. Personal Trainer gathers the data regarding your past writing mistakes and gives practice sessions based on the mistakes that you have made in order to help improve your writing.

Smart Word Prediction and Emoji

The Smart Word Prediction feature allows you to predict the words as you type, giving you the ability to type quickly. The next word suggestion is based on your past writing habits that is recorded within Ginger, and the Smart Word Prediction feature helps to give the recommendations based on what you have written in the past. This ensures that you don’t get false recommendations that are unrelated to your writing. The Emoji feature helps to make your writing lively, by using emoticons to make it more personal, fun, and engaging for your readers.

Custom Themes

As a grammar checking tool, as well as a word processing tool, Ginger allows you to change the themes of the software as you see fit. There are various themes that are offered by this software, and you can always choose the theme that you feel most comfortable with. You can also build your own keyboard theme. This allows the software to bring you a unique experience in writing and editing your texts, as well give maximum comfort when you do so.


Ginger can be used on many devices, as it supports multiple platforms. And because the software is cloud-based, it means that you can always use Ginger anywhere, with any device, without losing your data. Your data are synced regularly to the cloud, giving you access to the most recent data at your fingertips. While Ginger can be used for free with good enough features to use, you can always upgrade to the paid version of the software if you want to use more features. Fortunately, the paid versions of the software are provided at an affordable price, which makes this software one of the best grammar-checker tools available online.

Top Features

Grammer Checker

  • Contextual correction
  • Words correction
  • Noun corrections
  • Verb agreement


  • Since rephrasing
  • Rewrite sentences
  • Synonym suggestions
  • Adds missing words

Personal Trainer

  • Spell checker
  • Grammar corrector
  • Automatic corrections
  • Identify & analyze
Plan Name Pricing Terms Details
Free $0.00 $0.00
  • No unlimited checking
  • 40 Languages Translation
  • Browser Extensions
  • No Sentence Rephraser
  • No error Analysis or Text Reader
Premium $8.74 mo
  • Unlimited checking
  • 40 Languages Translation
  • Browser Extensions
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Error Analysis or Text Reader
Merchant Price
Official Website $5.10/mo

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Grammar Check Software Features

  • Vocabulary Suggestion

  • Office Extension

  • Browser Extension

  • Desktop App

  • Cloud Access

  • Plagiarism Check

  • Proofreader

  • Translate

  • Dictionary

  • Sentence Rephraser

  • Upload Docs

  • Paste Texts

  • Mobile Apps

  • Free Trial

  • Support


User Reviews

Must have tool for content writers.

Ginger Software By Devika on August 30th

I am a content writer and have been using Ginger for nearly two years. Ginger is like your automated proofreader which will continuously check what you're writing and correct grammar when needed. This helped me a lot in writing and making perfect article or copy for clients. A perfect copy means a satisfied client. I have used both free and paid, and I am happy with both of them. I wish they add a proper plagiarism tool though.

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  • Support
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Awesome tool

Ginger Software By Penang on August 15th

My primary language is not English. I studied English while I was in schools only. Ginger is a fantastic tool for people like me. Especially for composing emails you're expected to write in perfect English and grammar. Ginger has it all. It automatically corrects all the texts typed wrong, highlights what errors are there and then provides the right solution. There is no need to install an application and cross platform support (because it is installed in the browser).

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