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Can connect to any device that has a phone number and forward your call from there, virtual receptionist and click to call widget features


Only 3 pricing plans are available, with the standard plans have very limited call minutes per month. The cheapest plan offers number porting service for a fee.


If you want total flexibility and freedom in using the virtual phone system for your business, MightyCall can be an ideal choice.

Detailed Review

Founded in 1999, MightyCall is a virtual phone system company based in Seattle, Washington, USA. With over 20,000 customers, MightyCall is helping thousands of businesses to establish effective communications with their customers and clients in the most effective way. It offers talk minutes per month, with various features available at your fingertips to help run your business in the most convenient way. Building trusted customer relationship can be easy with MightyCall.

Connect To Any Telephone Device

MightyCall allows you to connect to any telephone device that you have. You can use your smartphone, mobile telephone (or feature phone), landline, conference phone, VoIP, and any other devices that have a phone number embedded in them. This gives MightyCall the best flexibility for you to choose the device that you want to use.

Local, Vanity, And Toll-Free Number

With MightyCall service, you will get a local or toll-free number that you can use to make calls and receive calls worldwide. You can also create your own vanity number to strengthen your business brand even more or port in existing phone number for free.

Mobile Apps

With the paid subscription to MightyCall service, you will be given access to mobile apps that are available for both the Android and iOS platforms. The mobile apps can be used to manage your calls from anywhere. You don't need to pay any additional price to install the apps to your device. With this app, you will know the call logs from your customers who are trying to reach you by phone, social media account, or email address.

Widget For Easy Call From Web Pages

With MightyCall service, you will also be able to make a call with a single click from any web page. If you see any telephone number on a web page, you can click that number and make a call immediately using your MightyCall virtual phone system account, and in this way, you can communicate with anyone via your PC or mobile device easily. Your customers will also be able to make calls directly from your website, just by clicking your business phone number in your website.

Hide Personal Number

You can make calls to any number by displaying your business number, while using your personal number to do so. The MightyCall system will automatically mask your personal number and display your business number in the receiver's device instead. In this way, you can always keep your communications with your customers professionally, and you can do that with your personal smartphone device. You can also configure the forwarding option so that the customers who are trying to reach you on specific hours can be redirected into another number within your company.

Virtual Receptionist

The virtual receptionist feature from MightyCall will help you to automate the phone communication between you and your customers. This way, you will keep the professionalism of your business, while at the same time automating the most repetitive process in your customer service department. By using the virtual receptionist feature, your customers will reach the virtual receptionist before being redirected into the specific number based on their needs.

Voicemail To Text Transcription

The MightyCall virtual phone system has a built-in voicemail service. When a customer leaves a voicemail, MightyCall automatically transcribes audio to text. When you receive an e-mail notification about the voicemail, it includes the transcribed text.


If you are looking for a complete virtual phone system for your business, MightyCall is worth a try, since this service offers various useful features that will help to manage, simplify, and organize your business communication in the most convenient way. With three simple pricing plans, you can choose the right plan for your business based on your business needs. The cheapest plan can get you to get started with the service at a very low cost per month, and you can use it if you have a small business with a few employees. Meanwhile, the business plan will offer a complete experience with MightyCall service, with unlimited features to use.

Plan Name Pricing Terms Details
Basic $19.99 month
  • 500 Talk Minutes
  • No text messages
  • Up to 2 Users
  • 1 Toll free number
Standard $49.99 month
  • 3000 Talk Minutes
  • 500 text messages
  • Up to 7 Users
  • 3 Toll free numbers
Ultimate $99.99 month
  • 10,000 Talk Minutes
  • 4000 text messages
  • Up to 25 Users
  • 5 Toll free numbers
Merchant Price
Official Website $11.99/mo

Business VOIP Features

  • Toll Free Numbers

  • Local Numbers

  • International Numbers

  • Port Numbers

  • Vanity Numbers

  • Transcribe Calls

  • Virtual Reception

  • Call Forwarding

  • Voicemail

  • Conference Calling

  • Extensions


  • Multi-level IVR

  • Fax Delivery

  • Music on-hold

  • Answering Rules

  • Business SMS

  • Mobile Apps


  • Call Recording

  • Call Log Reports

  • Integrations

    Using API

  • Free Trial

  • Support


User Reviews

The best for growing entrepreneurs

MightyCall By Anna on June 6th

When you're the only one in the company it had been a great struggle to find the right Virtual phone system that could help you minimize time spend on handling calls and voicemails. MightyCall facilitates the use of phone and allows to answer and make phone calls using the mobile app, web, even when you're working remotely. I love the call flows feature and availability status the most. Still excited to use MightyCall!

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If you're thinking of subscribing to MightyCall... Dont

MightyCall By Abby on March 9th

Dont subscribe to MightyCall. They advertise that they have good customer service yet everytime i try to chat with them in regards to any issue they are like robots who can only tell me what their policies are. They provide no refunds. They are unable to change your voiceplan if you subscribe to the annual subscription. They basically have zero accomodation to any requests, and their app is extremely buggy and badly designed. Stay away

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